Let’s get started, shall we?

Since I decided to start this blog, the same question was running in my head. What do I want to write about for my first post? Daunting question.

At first I thought of reviewing the place we checked out last week-end (more on that later) or our week-end at the Connaught (more on that later too) but it didn’t feel quite right. It felt a bit abrupt. Then it just dawned on me, let’s just start from a place that really impacted me food wise. Obviously, that was my 3 month trip to South America. So this first article will not be about one place in particular but rather a quick tour of my favourite food memories in South America. let’s start there, shall we?

About a year ago I decided to leave my job and Paris to travel through Brazil, Bolivia and Peru with my backpack. This might be the best decision I have ever made. I have hiked mountains and volcanoes at altitudes I never thought I’d reach, I visited marvellous cities, I tanned on breathtaking beaches, I made lifetime friends but above all, I ate delicious food.

I had a very tight budget so I couldn’t afford to spend too much money on food. It was most of the time very simple but (almost) always very good.

Processed with VSCO with c2 preset
Rubacão (Rice, cowpeas and cheese) at Cafe do Alto in Rio. It doesn’t look good but I can assure you it was!
Little sandwich in the streets of La Paz, Bolivia

One of my favourite thing to do when arriving in a new city is checking out the local farmers markets and the ones in South America didn’t let me down. Cooking in hostels was not always easy but I managed some decent dishes with out of this world vegetables.

EAD752A4-4D96-44C4-A314-9AE7A6FB4383 2.JPG
I was dying for this avocado stall in Sucre, Bolivia
Fruit market in Parnaiba, Brazil

Throughout this trip I also learned something important about the way I was experiencing food. Some dishes I ate, would never have been memorable, at all, if eaten at in any other moment in time. I vividly remember an omelette I ate on Isla del Sol in Bolivia (maybe my favourite place in Bolivia by the way).  If I had been back in Paris, in my tiny flat, eating that same omelette, I think I might have found it blend but because I was on that Island, with that amazing view, all by myself, I will never forget that omelette.

Processed with VSCO with c2 preset
This might be the most memorable omelette of my life

But some other times the food was really unbelievable. I ate at Gaston Acurio’s twice. Once at Chicha in Arequipa and once at Gaston y Astrid in Lima and I was blown away both times. At Chicha, the more casual line of his restaurants, I had the Alpaca curry. I’m not a vegetarian but I usually don’t eat meat. This time I decided to be adventurous and it was deliciously unexpected with its apples, strawberries and kumquat.

Alpaca curry at Chicha in Arequipa, Peru

At Gaston y Astrid, I had the fish. For some strange reason I can’t remember the name of the fish or the name of the dish. I only remember how it tasted like. Always a good sign.

The fish dish I can’t remember the name at Astrid y Gaston

I could go on and on about other places I ate at during my trip (oh hello, vegetarian heaven I went to every day in Cusco). This is just a very small snapshot but it was important to me to start with this. Don’t hesitate to comment/email me if you want more informations or other recommendations!


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