A week-end at the Connaught

Having a boyfriend that works in hospitality definitely has its perks and thanks to him we got to spend one night at the Connaught a few weeks ago. Staying as a guest after having worked there for a while was a very strange feeling for me but it also felt great to be back.

Our home for the night

While we enjoyed our room with its gigantic bed and lovely bathtub, the real highlight of the evening was our dinner at Jean-Georges at the Connaught.

Not a bad view to have

If I had worked longer at the Connaught I would have joined the Jean-Georges team. Somehow life had other plans for me but I was obviously very excited to try it out and taste what it was about.

IMG_0420 2.JPG
Cosy atmosphere at Jean-Georges at the Connaught for dinner

When I remember the previous restaurant, I can only admire the work done by the designers. In the evening it felt very cosy and comfortable (but maybe a bit too dark to read the menu at times) and airy and light during daytime.

In terms of food, we didn’t think too much and went straight in for the tasting menu (£88).

First up, egg toast and caviar


Crispy salmon sushi

The dinner started with an egg toast and caviar followed by a salmon sushi we both really liked. The crispiness of the rice made all the difference. However, the showstopper of the evening might have been the tuna tartare. All my friends have been talking about it and they were right. The fish was delicious and the ginger sauce balanced it perfectly.

IMG_0426 2.JPG
Tuna tartare
Truffle pizza
My boyfriend was too eager to start the roasted John Dory

I was a bit perplex about the truffle pizza and I have to say I didn’t really like it. It was too salty for me. The John Dory was perfect on the other hand and my boyfriend was so eager to start eating it that he ruined the picture!

Not being a big fan of meat I opted for the pescatarian version of the menu. Instead of the Cornish lamb chop I had the seared salmon with its miso soup. I absolutely loved this dish.

Seared salmon

To finish the dinner we shared a chocolate caramel peanuts and a peach candy floss. To be honest, the chocolate dessert was a bit too heavy after a dinner like this one, with such generous portions. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I would have if I had been less full. The peach candy floss was a fun dessert with a massive candy floss on top that the waiter melts with a red currant and ginger juice. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of that one but I really enjoyed it.

Chocolate dessert

After that delicious dinner, we were so full, it was hard to think that we would ever be able to eat again. However, breakfast being my favorite meal of the day we ended our Connaught adventure with avocado toasts (cumin was too much in my opinion), porridge, greek yoghurt and pastries.

Avocado toast, porridge, greek yoghurt and berries and a left over from the pastry basket

Have you been at Jean-Georges at the Connaught yet? If yes, share your experience with me! If no, go check it out!


Jean-Georges at the Connaught – Carlos Place, Mayfair, London, W1K 2AL / All-day dining menu / Breakfast menu


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