A New-York (foodie) guide

Those of you who follow me on Instagram know it already, I was in New-York not so long ago and, boy, what a week! It was so good, I thought I’d share some of the really cool places we tried in the Big Apple.

  1. Sunday in Brooklyn
Brunch at Sunday in Brooklyn

When you feel the urge of visiting the same place twice the same week, it usually means you LOVED the place. Saying we loved Sunday in Brooklyn is an understatement. This place has everything we love. Their food is delicious, the interior is gorgeous and the staff is very friendly. As soon as we finished our first brunch there we knew we’d have to come back before we left.

The pancakes won a special place in our heart. These fluffy malted pancakes with a hazelnut maple praline and brown butter were the best pancakes I’ve ever had (no I’m not exaggerating!)

We fell in love with these malted pancakes with hazelnut maple praline and brown Butter

Another highlight from the menu was their avocado toast. I had started to grow out of love with avocado toast but this particular one is just fabulous. The avocado is charred and placed on a bed of whipped ricotta and topped with seeds. You can also add an egg to finish it.

Avocado toast at Sunday in Brooklyn

Note: 9,5/10
Price: $$
Best for: Brunch
Comment: Be ready to queue for brunch or head there early

2. La Esquina

One thing I was craving before coming to New York was decent mexican food so I was asked around for recommendations and many people recommended La Esquina. We went to the one in Soho and we really liked it. It was the perfect place to grab a quick lunch in the middle of a full day of walking around the city. We had guacamole, chicken quesadillas and carnitas tacos. Everything was good especially the quesadillas.

Quesadillas (my favourite)

Note: 6/10
Price: $
Best for: Lunch
Comment: We went to the one in Soho but the one in Brooklyn looked amazing!

3. Supermoon bakehouse

These little croissants with different fillings and wrapped in a glossy bags are currently all over Instagram so when I noticed we were in the same street as the bakery I had to make a stop. They make cruffins (a hybrid between a croissant and a muffin – if that is possible) and filled croissants. I had to put aside my French pride and went for a Ferrero Rocher croissant. It looked beautiful and the chocolate ganache was tasty but I was not the biggest fan of the meringue outside. All in all, it was fun to try the (very American) Instagram famous snack and if you like filled croissants definitely go for it.

Croissants at Moonhouse Bakehouse
The Ferrero Rocher Croissant

Note: 5/10
Price: $$
Best for: Afternoon treat
Comment: Make sure you’re hungry because these babies are quite filling

4. Perry St

This one was not on our original list of restaurants to try for this trip  but I’m so glad we did as it was one of the best dinners we had. It is perfectly located in the West Village with a view on the Hudson river. It’s just really beautiful.

In the kitchen, Cedric Vongerichten (Jean-Georges’ son) is in command and his food is really delicious, with an asian twist to it. In the evening, the dining room is dimly lit, which creates a cosy/romantic atmosphere to the place (something all Jean-George’s restaurants seem to have in common) but it’s also one of the worst setups for taking  good pictures.

Salmon sashimi
IMG_1021 2.jpg
Rice Cracker crusted Tuna with a Sriracha-citrus emulsion and scallions 

My personal favourite of the night was the sea bass. The fish was just cooked perfectly and the aromatic basil broth reminded me of a Thai green curry.

Pan seared black sea bass, grilled maitake mushrooms and aromatic basil broth


The desserts were also delicious with a special thought for the passion fruit Pavolva.

Note: 8/10
Price: $$$
Best for: Dinner (or fancy lunch)
Comment: Prefect place for a romantic dinner or a date

5. The NoMad Bar

Our trip to New-York wasn’t very much planned. In fact, we had only one plan: our dinner at Eleven Madison Park (EMP). It was the thing that excited us the most about our trip. To make our evening memorable (and 100% Make It Nice) we decided to go to the NoMad bar for pre-drinks.

The bar belongs to Will Guidara and Daniel Humm (yes, the same people behind EMP) and is ranked 3rd on the World 50 Best Bars.

It was jam packed for a Wednesday night but the place looked amazing and their cocktails were really good. Even the food looked delicious. We almost caved in for fries but we were not going to spoil our appetite before EMP!

Our cocktails
The Bar

Note: 6/10
Price: $$$
Best for: Pre-dinner drinks
Comment: Don’t wait too long to drink your cocktail otherwise it’s just flavoured water 😉

6. Eleven Madison Park

I am going to write a full blog post about Eleven Madison Park so I’m not going to elaborate here about our experience.

We had a really lovely time and we enjoyed the food but if I’m being very honest I have a hard time understanding why they were awarded Best Restaurant in the World in 2017. More on that in a later post.

Eggs Benedict with smoked sturgeon 

Note: I’ll keep my note for the full blog post
Price: $$$$
Best for: Dinner
Comment: I’ll keep my comments for the full blog post

7. Juliana’s

Juliana’s, Roberta’s,… it seems like all pizza places in NYC are named the same. We tried both Juliana’s and Roberta’s and though I liked both, I had a small preference for Juliana’s. Maybe it all came down to the choice of pizza.

We started off with a margarita that we enhanced with extra mozzarella and some Pepperoni. It was just was we were looking for.

Margarita + pepperoni at Juliana’s 

We also loved the way it was presented, elevated in the middle of the table, to share. Such a convivial moment.

Juliana’s: $$
Best for: Lunch (or casual dinner)
Comment: After your meal head down to the pier to have a look at the view of the Manhattan Skyline!

8. Egg Shop

The Egg Shop is such a cute and delicious place! As its name indicates, eggs are the main ingredient and obviously I had to choose one of the very few dishes on the menu that looked out of place. I went for the Chai French Toast, so there are eggs in the batter so that makes it OK, right?

IMG_2470 2.jpg
Our table

In all seriousness, everything we ordered was very good, especially the friend chicken. It’s also located in the same street as the clothing brand Sézane which was perfect to go shopping afterwards.

IMG_2469 2.jpg
Chai French toast

Note: 8/10
Price: $
Best for: Brunch
Comment: As all good brunch places in big cities, you’ll have to queue to get a table if you don’t come early enough. Even during the week!

9. Mercer Kitchen

Another restaurant that belongs to the empire of Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Located within the Mercer hotel in Soho, the place is so hip and the food as good as his other venues.

We were there on a Friday evening during fashion week and the place was buzzing. This place seems in the heart of fashion week with many celebrities staying upstairs, in the private lobby area of the hotel. It was so interesting to feel this atmosphere.

Back to the food, it’s quite simple but very tasty and well executed. I knew some of the dishes from his restaurant at The Connaught and it was fun to try them here in New-York.

Just like Perry St, the restaurant it dimly lit, which made it difficult to take good picture.

IMG_0841 3
Crispy sushi, truffle pizza, roasted baby beets and goat cheese, Peekytoe crab and lettuce cup


As a main, I got a slowly baked salmon with Brussel sprouts and mash potatoes. I loved the baking of the salmon and was happy to find Brussel sprouts in this dish. I think it’s such an underrated vegetable!

IMG_5350 2.jpg
Blurry slowly cooked salmon, mashed potatoes Brussel sprouts and black truffle vinaigrette

After all this food we were really full but had a taste of the desserts anyway (my love for desserts has no boundries). They were American Classics but, as always, perfectly executed. Our favourites were the carrot cake and the warm Valrhona chocolate cake!

Note: 7/10
Price: $$$
Best for: Lunch or dinner
Comment: Upstairs, there’s also a few tables where you can have breakfast with a view on Mercer street.

That’s it for me. I hope this will be useful for some of you and if you try any of these places feel free to tell me what you thought of them !

Stay hungry,


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