Lunch at Duddell’s London

I think I’m never happier than when I eat and plan a trip and luckily I’m planning a few cool things at the moment. We’re heading to Paris for my birthday next week, we’ll then fly to Porto in May followed by Greece this summer. We also  have a few cool restaurants coming up. I am so excited to try all of this and share our favourite spots!

In the meantime we’re still in London and being big fans of dim sum we had to try the very trendy Duddell’s.

The restaurant, right across Borough Market, is hidden in a former church and it still look like it. The venue is just stunning with high ceilings, fresh flowers, hanging lamps and a beautifully designed bar. At the back you can still see where the organ (I’m no expert in churches so I might be wrong) was.  However, when we went in, humidity from steaming so many dim sum could be felt in the air which was surprising but we got used to it.

The main room 

We were especially excited by their special dim sum menu so we went exclusively for it.

The dim sum menu

We came in quite late, at around 2:30pm and many of our choices were unfortunately sold out.

We started off our meal with our fried dim sums. We went for the pecking duck spring roll, beef and foie gras on toast and the truffle spring roll.

My favourite was by far the pecking duck roll. I wanted to try their pecking duck, as I heard good things about it, so I was happy to have a dim sum version of it. The truffle spring roll was also very tasty with a strong taste of truffle. The biggest disappointment came from the beef and foie gras toast. I wasn’t even able to eat it. In general, all three fried dim sum were also a bit too greasy for me. This might come from cooking them in an oil that’s not hot enough, or from failing to remove properly the excess of oil but this is something they need to work on.

IMG_2732 2.JPG
Back: Pecking duck spring roll / Middle: Beef and foie gras toast / Front: Truffle spring roll

We then received our baked buns. We first wanted to try the Mongolian Wagyu Puff but they ran out of them so we chose the Crispy Char Siu Bun. It was my first baked bun. I had an idea of what I thought it would taste like and I was curious to taste if it matched my imagination. And it did. It was sweet and savoury, crispy and soft. Everything I wanted it to be. I just love it. Obviously, being my first one I can’t say if it’s a very good one as I didn’t have any comparison point but I can’t wait to try more of these in the future.

Crispy Char Siu Bun 

We then finished with the steamed dumplings. We went for the Black Pepper Duck Pumpkin dumpling, Scallop dumpling, Imperial King Crab and Prawn dumpling
and Har Gau.

If I had to rank them I’d say 1: black pepper, 2. Har Gau, 3. Imperial King Crab and Prawn 4. Scallop

If I didn’t know it was a scallop dumpling I wouldn’t have guessed. It is a shame knowing how much I like scallops. The other tastes completely overpowered the delicate scallop. But then, I have yet to find a scallop dumpling that fully satisfied me. Overall, the dough of the dim sum could have been thinner but that didn’t bother me at all as I love this texture. I really liked all of them.

It was a really enjoyable lunch with the highlight being the baked bun and lowlight the fried dim sum. If I could have it my way, I would choose Duddell’s environment with Yauatcha’s food (I talked about it on the blog here) but I can’t so I’ll continue to go to Yauatcha for dim sum. I’m definitely coming back to Duddell’s  to try the pecking duck though!

For all this food we paid a bill of approximately 80£ for 2 people with a beer and a glass of wine.

Note: 6/10
Price: £££
Best for: Lunch if you want to enjoy the light coming through the massive windows
Comment: For this price range of Dim Sum I’d go to Yauatcha

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