Pit stop at La boutique Cedric Grolet in Paris

I’m such a sweet tooth that one of my favourite thing to do in Paris is trying out some of the best patisseries the city has to offer. The chefs in that city are so innovative that I drool every time I see a new creation on Instagram. This time I got to try the creations of one of the most talented pastry chefs to me: Cédric Grolet

I first heard of him on Masterchef France a few years ago and I was stunned by the looks of his fruits. It was just incredible, it looked almost real. Since then, I kept following his work and I was just too excited when I heard he opened his first boutique in Paris (I was grateful to skip the whole afternoon tea thing – after all, I live in London, I can have sandwiches and scones anytime).

I got to the shop half an hour early because I knew how crazy busy it had been since the opening. Inevitably, there was already an impressive queue. Having to queue half an hour for pastries did upset me and I started to wonder if it was all really worth it but I stuck around.

The queue behind me at 11:45 (the shop opens at 12 and there was about 10 people in front of me)

At 12pm the shop opened and all the pastry chefs came out to shake our hand and thank us for queuing and coming to the shop. It was such a cute moment that made everyone forget the wait. I finally got in the shop about 15min later but I didn’t mind anymore as I was watching a chef adding the final touches to beautiful cookies.

A chef adding the final touches to the cookies 

The shop is quite small and bare but the staff is really friendly. The few cakes sold on the day are on display on the slab or under cloches. I really wanted to buy everything but unfortunately I’m not immune to calories so I decided to go for the 2 most iconic pieces: the lime and the hazelnut. I was hesitating with the vanilla tart as well but I decided to save it for my next trip.

The Hazelnut

There is no tea room in the shop so I took my pastries home to enjoy after lunch. If I’m honest, I was afraid it would look better than it would taste. It’s so often the case that I now get ready for it, but not this time.

I started with the Lime. It’s insane how well balanced and refreshing it was. Citrus desserts are most of the time too sweet for my liking but this was not the case. Inside there’s a lime marmalade with mint and an airy lime ganache. All of this is so lightly sugared that the thin layer of chocolate that creates the shell, brings the perfect amount of sweetness. So refreshing.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 21.39.37.png
The Lime cut through 


I followed by the Hazelnut and once again I was afraid of the sweetness. After all, it’s only chocolate, hazelnut cream, hazelnut praliné and caramel. It would be so easy to go overboard on the sugar but I guess that’s where you recognise a talented chef. He managed to create a perfectly balanced dessert where none of the flavours are hidden by an excess of sugar. It is so rare to eat such perfection.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 21.38.54.png
The Hazelnut cut through 

I now understand what all the fuss was about and I can say that it might be the best patisseries I’ve had the pleasure to eat. It’s quite expensive (17€ each) but it was really worth it. Now I’m dying to go back to Paris to try that vanilla tart or maybe a mille feuille….

The rubik’s cube on display in the shop 
My next target : the Vanilla Tart 

Don’t hesitate to share with me your thoughts on his pastries if you’ve had them or to suggest pastry chefs I should add to my list (in London or Paris)

Note: 10/10
Price: ££
Best for: Occasions. They have individual cakes and bigger sizes
Comment: It’s not your typical patisserie. It’s expensive and you need to queue but it’s totally worth it!

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