Hello there,

My name is Nawal (pronounced Naouel). I’m French/Algerian but grew up in Morocco. I know, it’s confusing! After graduating from high school, I moved to Paris where I studied and worked for 7 years. After quitting my job in Paris to travel for a while I decided to settle in London, my favourite city in the world.

I’ve always been passionate about food, and London is the perfect place to give in to my addiction. From finger licking good street food to mind blowing Michelin starred restaurants, my goal is to plant my fork in the best places in town. London is only the beginning though, because I intend to take you with me to discover the amazing food the world has to offer.

I always wanted to start a blog but never thought I had anything interesting to say, or that anyone would be interested . I guess I was only taking my time because, now, F*** it, I finally feel ready to share a part of me with the world. Hope you’ll enjoy my journey through the world (of food).